Jerry Cleveland, Denver Post file The Janus Capital Group building at 100 Fillmore St. is seen in this file photo from 2003.

Janus Capital Group ceased to exist as an independent Denver-based money manager on Tuesday, after it completed a merger with Henderson Group plc, a London-based financial firm.

Denver’s largest mutual fund group is now a subsidiary of Janus Henderson Group plc. Shares trade under the ticker JHG, replacing the disbanded JNS ticker.

Janus Capital CEO Dick Weil is co-CEO of the combined company, but will be based out of the headquarters in London. Former Janus Capital Group directors who are joining the new board, besides Weil, include Jeff Diermeier, Eugene Flood Jr., Lawrence Kochard and Tatsusaburo Yamamoto.

Legendary Colorado money manager Thomas Bailey launched the Janus Fund in 1970 with 30 investors, $500,000 in assets and a focus on large-cap growth stocks. He sold a controlling interest in the firm to Kansas City Southern Industries in 1984, but generally had a free hand until his resignation in 2002.

The fund group reached its zenith during the late 1990s, as star managers such as Tom Marsico, Helen Hayes and James Craig generated market-beating returns and brought in billions of dollars.

Everything changed, however, when the bottom dropped out of U.S. growth stocks in late 2000 and 2001 and the firm’s reputation took a hit in a market-timing scandal.

Janus fund managers fought hard for independence, eventually winning it, and the firm outlasted hometown rivals like Berger, Founders and Invesco. It resisted multiple buyout offers over the years until the Henderson combination, which was announced in October.

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